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Flood Risk Assessment

The consideration of flood risk is a key component of the planning process in the UK.

Waterco have produced over 150 flood risk assessments (FRA) and flood consequences assessments (FCA) nationwide during the past six years, complying with the relevant regional flood risk planning policies - PPS25 (England), TAN15 (Wales), SPP7 (Scotland) and PPS15 (Northern Ireland).

We offer a clear pricing structure for flood risk assessment (see price list) and have an excellent track record in terms of speed of delivery and approval by the Environment Agency's flood risk team.

Waterco Commitment

Waterco are happy to assist other flood risk consultants, where specialist hydraulic modelling, river modelling and breach assessments are required to support a flood risk assessment.

To find out more information on our flood risk assessment services please click the link below.


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